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Left 4 Dead - VS or Campaign Mode? - Which do you prefer?
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> RichNet Community Facebook
Posted by ZODIAC - 02-4-12 23:59 - 0 comments
Like Now. Join In.

The RichNet Community Facebook

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> Still too Earley
Posted by ZODIAC - 08-8-10 17:45 - 3 comments
We see that NS2 is coming along great, they have come along way even since the first Alpha. We hope to have the RichNet servers up when it is a bit more playable. We are watching and are very excited about it. We hope to bring it out to you in the "RichNet style" that you all have grown to love when its a bit more playable.

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> NS2 Alpha Release
Posted by ZODIAC - 07-26-10 20:51 - 0 comments
Sorry All, Due to technical difficulties RichNet will not be able to bring you NS2 tonight (release) on Alpha. We hope to be able to do this once they iron out the bugs. And is really too bad that they are only releasing this on Windows x86 (non-x64) and non-Linux for now. DO voice to NS that they really need to make it 64-Bit compat and since it was born on Linux for Server that the release on Linux is just as important as Windows. We hope to catch up with you all soon. Enjoy the Alpha, we will be back when it counts. Keep the Faith, WE WILL ROCK YOU!!

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Posted by ZODIAC - 05-27-09 15:10 - 9 comments
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> Community Website Relocation/Downage
Posted by ZODIAC - 01-31-09 20:52 - 1 comments
Within the next couple of weeks it is very possible that the RichNet Website will be down for a week or so. This is because I will be transplanting the Website to a new server, also we will moving the new server to a new Datacenter with a new connection that should of course be much better. So if you see this website disappear it does not mean we are going to be down permanetly it only means we are performing the change for better purposes. All RichNet gameservers will NOT be affected by this change, those will continue to serve your gaming needs. Please update your STEAM server favorites so that the RichNet game servers are easily accessible to you as the information to get to them will not be availble on this site as it will be down during the conversion. I will try to make this as painless as possible so please just be patient and continue to make RichNet your home community. I thank you in advance for your patience and continued support, please keep checking back for when the site comes back up. I will make the annoucement on the RichNet STEAM community page as to the status and when the site is back up.


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> Go Vote and Be Heard
Posted by ZODIAC - 11-4-08 03:44 - 8 comments
November 4th 2008 - Election Day

GO VOTE!! Dont let other people make the choice for you. If you have never voted or only vote once in awhile NOW is the time more than ever. Dont know How or where to Vote? follow the below link.


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> Valve Engine Update - Fix for RichNet
Posted by ZODIAC - 10-24-08 19:12 - 1 comments
Today RichNet was downed for most of the day because we updated to the new Valve engine, not many knew of a fix and I did see that a good part of the NS server community out were down also.

Just reporting what worked for us as an FYI:

In our command line for many years now we have put special switches in an effort to draw down our game protocol overhead, well it looks as though Steam/Valve does not support these switches any longer with the new update. So the fix for us was to simplify our startup command line. Switches suspected of the issue were:


We also added the file steam_appid.txt to the root of our installation which simply includes the value of 70. This did not solve the issue by itself until we knocked the switches off.

Hope this might be useful to somebody out there, wished these answers came easier to us, took awhile to realize what the potential fix would be.

HLDS Linux
Metamod v1.19p32

Much Love and Respect for NS and Nsmod Communities.

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> RichNet.tv's "ALIVE" Playnight
Posted by ZODIAC - 03-7-08 07:37 - 58 comments
Yes apparently from last Friday's pilot of "ALIVE" night, we did see that RichNet still had what it took to pull together. Had a great turn out, many players of which I have not seen in awhile. I thank you all for attending.

Now, we have implemented the RichNet "ALIVE" night.

Every Friday night starting at 8PM on server RichNet.tv NS:CO:XMENU<Lift|Buildmenu|Sticky>LotsaLvLs[RNT].

Why "ALIVE" Night?, What does it all mean?

Well, I'll Tell you Why and What is all means.....

RichNet's ALIVE night commemorates a snapshot in NS time. A time when NS was not so generified. A time when innovation, creativness, and fun were one and RichNet in itself was able to deliver that to almost 300,000 players a month. And the Community.....RichNet even before that had built one of the most loyal and thriving communities that the NS Community has known. So in summarization RichNet night celebrates the old days and the way it was when we thrived with the NS Community. I hope for everyone, those currently playing NS and those who have not in quite some time, those part of the RichNet community , and those not, come ALL, your ALL invited to RichNet's "ALIVE" night. Come celebrate with us.

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